About Us

Fledgeling Inc. is an American start-up company based in Sterling, VA.
Our mission is what drives us, our vision is what guides us,
and our values are what define us.

Our Mission

We believe that having a successful company and a rewarding career starts with finding the right people for the right job. Our mission and what drives our decisions is:

  • Helping job seekers find the best possible job or jobs, based on their individual needs
  • Helping businesses find the best candidates with the least financial risk
  • Making online job searching and hiring a more interactive and engaging experience

Our Vision

Our vision serves as the basis for our decisions, what we want for our company, and what we want for our community. We wish to see a world where:

  • Any company, large or small, can find the right person for any job, and
  • Any job seeker experienced or not, can find rewarding and satisfying work

Our Values

Our values serve as our moral compass, defining how we run our business and the relationships we build with our clients, coworkers, and the community around us.

  • Work - Our work defines us, and we only work on products we believe in
  • Community - The products we create must have an absolutely positive impact on the community
  • People - We believe that every person has a part to play, and finding use of their talents is the key to success
  • Relationships - Customer service and taking care of those who provide our livelihood is our first priority