Oct 23

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4 Job Search Tips to Help You Along the Way

Looking for a job can be an overwhelming and frustrating task. But with Fledgeling positioned to help, it doesn’t have to be. Many recent graduates make the mistake of pigeon-holing themselves into one particular field. It’s easy to assume that since you graduated with a degree in English Literature, you would be best suited for a job in editing or technical writing, but this mindset only serves to limit you from considering the vast number of jobs you could successfully perform.

Think outside the box, and cast your net as wide as you possibly can, for this is the key to opportunity and fulfillment.

Do not limit your options.

While applying for jobs can be an arduous task, you don’t want to completely disregard a job opening just because it doesn’t exactly “fit” into what you believe you should be doing at this moment in time. You are an educated person who is capable of many things and any job that provides you with experience is a valuable option.

Do not hesitate to apply for jobs for which you feel underqualified.

A lot of times employers may ask for advanced degrees or the equivalent in working experience. If you have several years of working in a managerial position under your belt and the references to back up your success, you are a strong competitor by simply showing initiative and being willing to take on a challenge.

Do not be afraid to add a personal touch to your application.

Keep in mind that your potential employer has seen stacks of applications. Due to time constraints there is little time to humanize each applicant as they each get lost in the shuffle. Following up with a brief email to your potential employer can serve to make you a memorable candidate.

Do not apply to jobs based on salary alone.

If you are narrowing your job search based on pay, you will most likely miss out on a lot of opportunities for growth. Everyone has to begin somewhere; and, although you might think you are worth more, keep in mind that this is merely a starting pay and can increase in time. Many of these salaries also include paid leave and benefits that may not be immediately apparent. Aside from pay, there are also endless possibilities for networking.

Keep these things in mind, and you will soon be on your way to finding a rewarding job.

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