Aug 13

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5 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Work for You

When most people think of LinkedIn, they think of networking. They imagine connecting to other people and finding the key players that will help them land a job. But LinkedIn success starts closer to home: with your profile.

You know that phrase, “You only get one chance to make a first impression”? It holds true for LinkedIn, too. When someone comes across your profile, what they find will help them form their first impressions of you. It can mean the difference between them becoming a valuable new contact and them just clicking away. How do you make your LinkedIn profile work its hardest for you? Here are five great tips.

#1: Keep your profile name simple and straightforward.

It can be tempting to stuff as much information as you can into your Profile Name. However, adding titles and other information to what is meant to be just your name can be confusing and off-putting. Keep it simple by just entering the information LinkedIn expects: your first and last name.

#2: Clean up your profile URL.

Did you know you can change the last part of your profile URL? The most professional option is to use your name, but you may have to get a little more creative if it’s already taken. A bonus of cleaning up your URL is that it’s easier (and prettier) to list on your business cards, in your email signature, and anywhere else you might want to put it.

#3: Use a personable photo.

We hope it goes without saying that you should have a photo of you in your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t, replace that grey default avatar right away! Beyond that, make sure your profile photo looks good. A nice, professional-looking picture of your face will go a long way toward making you seem like an approachable person to those who encounter your profile online.

#4: Include keywords.

You may already know it’s possible to search within LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn profiles also get indexed by search engines. That means your profile is a great way to link yourself to relevant terms. Once you’ve determined which terms you’d like to include, sprinkle them throughout your profile. Look for ways to weave them in naturally rather than just listing them out.

#5: Ask for recommendations.

Recommendations let the people who are viewing your profile know what others have to say about your skills and accomplishments. Try to collect a handful of solid recommendations to round out your LinkedIn profile.

Take the time to implement these five tips and your LinkedIn profile will be ready for future connections to check out.

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