Mar 16

6 Jobs with equal pay for men and women.

Are employers willing to pay the same to men and women? Do women get discriminated when it comes to the salary they are paid to do the same job as men? The answer would depend on whom you ask. It’s been argued for an eternity that employers do not treat men and women equally when it comes to the pay scale. This author doesn’t wish to get into the details of that argument; however, here are a few jobs that offer equal pay to men and women.

1. Postal service clerks- handle and process documents and paper for USPS. The salary range is about 50,000/yr. Both men and women opt this job, despite the worries about job security with USPS

2. Biological Scientist- this profession is made up of biochemist, zoologist, microbiologist, etc. The salary range is about 55,000 per year.

3.Advertising Sales Agent- it really depends on what industry you are in. Some industries have more women as sales agents and some have more men. Both have equal role, but pay varies with the job. For instance a car salesman would make more than a furniture salesman because sales are often based on commission.

4. Pharmacist- these roles are very even. The average full time pharmacist makes about six figures and there are a variety of roles they perform. Pharmacist roles are taking on new task such as delivering flu shots.

5. Waiter/Server- this job is a minimum wage job that doesn’t require more than a high school degree. These jobs are equal pay for both men and women because minimum wage doesn’t change for anyone.

6. Directors of religious activities and education- there are very few of these positions out there and those who have them make around 44, 000/yr. Both men and women are capable of doing this job with equally shared roles and responsibilities.

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