Jan 31

Application Industry

Technology, smartphones, have become an essential component of our daily activities, from waking us up in the morning to turning out the light at night, we have almost become dependent on our devices to operate our life’s. Staying connected in our niche, always being updated, the consistent need for interaction; our phones provide balance to our condition. Technology revolutionized the industrial, agricultural, educational, informational, ways of living throughout the past generation. Smartphones along with a hand full of other devices, along with the increase in compatible technology, the daily routines we make are simplified.
Finding resolutions to existing problems has always been a task set for competition amongst entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, along with your everyday problem solvers. Since we rely so intensely on our smartphones to guide us through our day, the demand for increased productivity software (applications) has been on the rise. Within 5 years of use the application industry has made tremendous strides, becoming the fastest growing industries of all time. Generating over $5 billion per year, with rapid increases in the past few years.

“The apps industry has matured in some respects. Some of the Wild West tactics of five years ago—like scams to accrue more downloads—have given way to more order as Apple and others tighten their rules. App developers are more methodical about marketing their apps and focusing on the few apps that work best.” (www.wsj/appboom.com)
Although many think the smartphone market is cooling down, the demand for additional functionality is blossoming. Our cars, eye ware, watches, houses, computers, are avenues for exploration when it comes to connecting our phones with other daily technology uses.
Managing, monetizing, operating, extending, driving factors behind the development of a new product or application. The increases in overall time spent on web and mobile applications increased altogether, but the time spent on mobile applications nearly doubled in just under a year. Not only were users spending more time on their devices, but there was a 22% increase in users who made purchases though their applications from the previous year. “ 63% of apps a consumer uses daily are different from than the apps they used a year ago.” (http://blog.newrelic.com)

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