Apr 17

Confidence: The key to landing a job

Many people think of success as having a job. It’s true that having a job can help lead you to success. But how do you get a job in the first place? A lot of it has to do with confidence.

“Effective confidence comes from within, it’s not the result of external events.”

-Seth Godin

       There are certain times when it’s easier to be confident than others. Like a batter who just hit a home run feels confident about his next swing, our achievements can boost our confidence temporarily. However, getting overconfident can be dangerous. As college students know, if you ace your first test, you’re likely to slack off in your studying for your final. Part of avoiding this problem is in where you derive your confidence from. The best confidence comes from your mind, not the things going on around you. Maintaining your drive and keeping one eye on the future is something that will impress employers, especially when you are lacking in experience. Another thing to avoid is confusing being confident with being arrogant. Michael Delpierre’s great infographic on our blog goes into detail on some specific cases where this can become an issue in a job interview.

Confidence allows you to do what those who lack it would never do. It’s a way of carrying yourself that people take note of. Do it right, and you can nail down just about any opportunity you can find. It takes guts to reach out directly to a high-ranking official of a company you would like to work for. Even keeping your cool during an interview takes some pretty serious confidence. Once you master being confident with yourself, you’ll find it be a skill as valuable as a certification or a college degree. So next time you’re on the job search, relax, and be confident.

See Seth Godin’s blog on the subject for some more insight:

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