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Fledgeling Offers Tips and the Best New Way for College Grads to Land Jobs

Fledgeling, an online job search portal, recognizes the future can feel uncertain for recent college graduates. Entering into a shaky economy, usually saddled with student debt, their lack of experience can be a significant setback when employers can have their pick of more experienced candidates. But lack of experience is not an insurmountable challenge for grads. Fledgeling is easing this job search process with their search platform.

If at all possible, students should start planning to enter the job market early, by arranging internships or part- time jobs while they are studying. Doing this will allow them to make industry contacts, and gain experience that will put them ahead of the pack at graduation time. It’s not too late after graduation, however.

Although finding opportunities that fit into a pre-existing schedule can be daunting, students should approach this search like any other job search — and that means using online job portals. Fledgeling is better suited to the particular needs of students and recent grads. Their platform was created to fill a gap in the job search market.

“Traditional job portals had a couple of glaring flaws. In the first place, they were expensive to post jobs on, effectively excluding smaller companies.” Small businesses employ 52% of the workforce, according to the Small Business Administration. “In the second place, they are inflexible to jobseekers’ needs, because they only allow a single resume or job profile.”

Jobseekers nowadays have wider skillsets that can be put to a variety of different fields. This is particularly true of recent grads, who have many skills, but little experience with which to narrow the search. “Fledgeling lets you specialize your profiles so that you can pursue more opportunities. If you have a degree in communications, you can put up a profile with all that information. And you can have a separate profile for graphic design, if that’s something you can do. Fledgeling lets you put feelers out in many directions.”

Getting a foot in the door is essential, but not at the expense of current needs. Fledgeling offers filters to sort job openings with alternative schedules, an innovation that Wainwright sees as a crucial shift in job search. “There’s no longer an assumption that a job needs to be carried out during “business” hours — there never was any assumption like that in a lot of sectors like food and retail, but with telecommuting and contracting, even a lot of businesses with traditional hours have opportunities for people with alternative schedules.”

Wainwright hopes that both students and recent grads will be able to use these tools to discover job opportunities that complement their skills and schedules and match them up with employers that have contract gigs, short-term internships and evening and weekend positions. “The job market is a great big puzzle. We’re offering tools to help employers and job searchers find the right fit.”

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