Jan 09

Graduates Looking For Work

Graduates can’t find jobs because they aren’t being taught skill
As a former college student I understand how hard it is to find a job. The job world
is very hard for recent graduates. There are simply not enough jobs or graduates
lack the skills to acquire the job in their field of preference.
The problem isn’t with the students it’s with the programs at the colleges or
universities. There often out dated programs. These out dated programs are usually
a couple years old because they rely on the federal government to disclose the
skills for that particular field. By then the skills that are required for the position
have changed, meanwhile students are learning out dated information.
Education is not enough anymore, says Elaine Gaertner, director of the California
community-college system Economic and Workforce Development centers of
Excellence. There has to a purpose behind their education. The information that is
being taught must be relative to the jobs out there. From personal experience this is
the truth. Many times I have gone on job site looking at certain positions that I think
I could fill, come to find out I have no idea what they are talking about.
Currently there are about 600,000 manufacturing jobs out there. These jobs aren’t
being filled because they cannot find skilled applicants. 93% of IT employers said
they are having the same problems with qualified candidates. Northeastern
University in Boston does real world learning where students spend 18 months in
the real world environment.
Colleges and Universities need to find a better way to teach students and prepare
them for life after college. The better informed they are the latest skills required,
the better chance they will have for finding jobs.

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