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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Working With Recruiters

When you’re searching for a job or internship, you’ll likely be working with recruiters. How do you avoid the most common recruiter mistakes and make sure these valuable contacts are on your side? Here are our best tips for keeping the relationship positive.

Don’t Check In Too Often

You’ve probably heard the interview advice that encourages you to keep following up until you receive an answer. On top of that, you’re likely anxious to hear about any outcomes. However, pestering a recruiter too much is a bad idea. You’ll add to their already full workload and come across as overly eager. Instead, space out your follow-ups. Check in a week after the interview. If no decision has been made at that point, check in again a few days later.

Don’t Be Impolite

Speaking of follow-ups, make sure yours aren’t rude. When you’re nervously waiting for news, it can be easy to get passive-aggressive or say things out of impatience or thoughtlessness. Remember, recruiters are incredibly busy. You are not the only person they’re dealing with. Be respectful of the work they’re doing on your behalf. Try to understand where they’re coming from. Be patient and polite when you follow up. If you’re stressed out when you compose what you’ll say, give yourself time to cool off and reconsider before you send the email or pick up the phone.

Don’t Make It Hard for the Recruiter to Contact You

Recruiters deal with a huge number of contacts on a daily basis. They may remember who you are, but that doesn’t mean they’ve memorized your phone number or other pertinent details. When you get in touch, either by phone or by email, include any important information. That might include your callback phone number and your full name. When you do so, you remove barriers that might keep the recruiter from contacting you easily. The more barriers you can remove, the better off you are when it comes to snagging a job or internship. It may help you get your questions answered more quickly, too.

Don’t Bypass the Recruiter

In some cases, it can be tempting to skip the recruiter and go straight to the hiring manager. That’s especially true when it feels like the recruiter is taking forever to get back to you. However, it really is best to route your questions through the recruiter, even if they seem to fall in the hiring manager’s area of expertise. The hierarchy is there for a reason, and it’s in your best interest to work within it. Doing so will make you look good to the company you’re hoping to work for and keep you on the recruiter’s good side.

Remember: During your job search, recruiters are your allies. Treat them well and they will extend you the same courtesy!

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