Feb 12

How Do You Network with People at the Company You’re Applying To?

It’s finally happened. The company you’ve been dying to work for has posted an opening you know you could fill. How can you boost your prospects by networking with the people at that company?

Don’t Jump the Gun

Your instincts may tell you to fire your resume off right away to whatever email you find first. Resist that impulse! Even if you know someone at the company, a plain old resume is never the way to go. Take a little time to do it right and you’re bound to see better results.

Get Your Paperwork In Order

A generic resume isn’t the best way to impress a potential employer. Instead, take the time to put together at least a cover letter and resume you’ve tailored for this specific position. You may also want to include specifics about how your experience and qualifications match up with the job description. That will help your potential employers see you in the position

Find Out the Right Way to Apply

Many companies have specific application channels. It’s best to follow these. Check the company’s website to see what they prefer. By following instructions, you’ll make sure you’re in the system. That way anyone you talk to at the company can easily find your application. You’ll look like a more serious candidate, too.

If You Have Contacts, Leverage Them

Do you happen to know a person or two who already work at the company? If so, put together a personalized email to each one. This isn’t the place to make personal remarks or be vague. Instead, your email should be professional and direct. It should be something your contact can easily forward as-is to the appropriate person in the company. Include the cover letter and resume you’ve already sent in through the official channel.

If You Don’t Have Contacts, Make Some

Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone at the company yet. Social media has flattened the playing field in many ways. Depending on the company, you’ll probably be able to find key people in the organization on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Look for hiring managers or people who work in the department with the job opening. This way of making contact is becoming increasingly common.

The bottom line? Yet another generic resume with no face or personality attached to it is easy to ignore. A human being who’s made a personal connection is not. Aim to be the latter and you’re more likely to get the job.


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