Feb 11

Obamacare eases- large and mid-sized employers can hire more fulltime workers now?

Obamacare’s employer mandate has been eased to give employers more time to comply. Mid-sized companies now have time till 2016 to provide coverage to their workers. They also get a considerable break on the number of employees they can hire without having to provide coverage. The new announcement shows that the mid-sized employers can have up to 99 employers before they fall in the mandatory compliance bracket. Originally, it was 50

Large companies, set to provide 95% coverage by 2015, now get a break. They only need to provide 70% of full time coverage in 2015. Does this mean more full time opportunities for job seekers; we’ll have to wait and see. Changing the timeline only eases the employers’ concern to some extend. The bottom line is that the employers still have to plan for the additional funding for coverage, when they hire a full time employee, unless they plan to cut their workforce considerably before the timeline for compliance. If that happens, it would cause even more chaos in our economy.

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