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What Are the Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students?

Dormitories are abuzz with the latest gossip and tales of summer romance, and class is back in session. The nation’s future leaders scurry between academic buildings, the library, and the student recreation center — to class, and back again. Blue books, backpacks, football games, exams, toga parties, research papers, sorority rush week, midterms… part-time jobs.

College: The best four years of your life are also some of the most expensive.

Whether you’re a freshman hoping to score a little extra spending money, a sophomore footing that hefty tuition bill on your own, or a senior saving up for a cross-country move after graduation, know that your employment options aren’t limited to serving food at the dining hall or providing resident assistance in the dorms.

As the Fall semester gets underway, consider pursuing one of these top part-time jobs for college students:

Server / Bartender

Where there is a college town, there will be restaurants and bars. Servers and bartenders work flexible schedules — night & weekend shifts for the student with classes all day; early morning breakfast shifts for the student whose classes don’t begin until the afternoon. Work as many or as few hours as your courseload can handle. You’ll get to meet new people every day, and hey, the discounted (sometimes even free!) food doesn’t hurt, either. 


Coffee-loving college students can earn more than a paycheck working as a barista in a coffee shop. Learn the ins and outs of roasting beans and brewing espresso, but be careful: Your roommates may just designate you House Coffee Maker. Early morning and afternoon shifts provide flexibility, and you’ll never have to work late into the night.

Office Assistant

All of the academic and administrative offices on campus need help answering phones, filing paperwork, and making appointments. The managers who run these offices understand students’ scheduling needs, and will work with you to prevent work-class conflicts. Bonus: Office experience certainly looks good on your resume.

Nanny / Babysitter

Perfect for students working toward elementary education degrees, a job as a nanny or babysitter can be fun, rewarding, and lucrative. And if you’re lucky enough to find a live-in nannying job with a flexible family, you’ll earn the double benefit of a little extra cash in your pocket and a place to live.


No job offers quite as much flexibility as one that allows you to work form home, and to set your own schedule. Whether you’ve got a knack for writing, or graphic design, or sound editing, there’s a company out there that wants to pay for your services.

Fitness Instructor

Local gyms, and maybe even your campus recreation center offer all kinds of fitness classes, all throughout the day. Do you love Zumba? Are you a yoga pro, or a champion spinner? Take advantage of an opportunity to lead a class, earn some money, and stay fit while you’re at it.

Find a part-time job that suits your needs & goals, one that fits your demanding schedule, and remember: Work doesn’t have to be boring.

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