Feb 17


Why do you end up struggling to achieve goals despite your hard work

Do you ever feel you are not able to match the results you give at work with your potential? Have you had days where it seemed you worked all day but achieved nothing at the end of it? We all have this crazy busy days by the end of which we almost feel like our brains have shut down. We feel  so overwhelmed by the amount of things we need to get done that we cannot focus or channelize our energy on the right things.

In these days where technology is actually so advanced bringing the world very close, so close that we are in touch with hundreds or millions of people at a time. Have you ever thought that most of the time we think we are busy; actually we are spending time checking mails, updating status or tweeting or responding? Today we can see that every second we are in touch with someone or another. In a way, our work efficiency is limited because we are addicted to the technology.  Don’t get stuck to the screens! They are so interactive today that we don’t realize the difference between real life and “screen life” ! It’s there all the time, whether we working, travelling, eating or even using a restroom! Take control of these distractions. You don’t have to respond to every mail or messages immediately. Prioritize the ones that need immediate responses. Set a time for checking mails and replying.

When there is too much of workload, most of the time we find ourselves lost and unable to focus on one thing; or the most important thing just slips away from our minds. Prioritize your goals. Set targets. Have a clear idea of what you need to get done by the end of the day. If you have a lot to get done, make a planning. Plan what you are going to get done in a time frame. Set a time-goal chart. At least have a clear idea of what are the things that you have to do rather than having them all cluttered in your head.

Take breaks. Have a cup of coffee or go for a short walk. Move away from your desk. It relieves your stress and helps you think rationally. You will be able to work more effectively once you are able to control your stress.

Most importantly, take control of your health. Do not ignore your sleep. A night well slept makes your day more fresh and productive.

Spend your time wisely. Spend your energy on the right work and right people and right things. Get rid of things that make you feel disconnected and less energetic. Don’t waste your time on matters that are less worthy or unnecessary. Get the facts clear and stay focused on what you are worth.

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