Feb 21

Why can’t graduates in US find jobs easily? Blame it on economy or the education system itself?

graduate imagesAre you a recent graduate looking for job? Have you faced reluctance from potential employers in having confidence in hiring you? If so, you might have wondered why and what you could do to change their prejudice?

The job market is very tough for recent graduates. There are simply not enough jobs or graduates lack the skills to acquire the job in their field of preference.

The problem isn’t with the graduate job seekers; it’s with the programs at the colleges and universities. They are often outdated programs. These programs are usually a few years old because they rely on the federal government to disclose the skills for that particular field. By the time they implement them, the skills that are required for the position have changed, leaving the graduate job seekers with obsolete information.

Education is not enough anymore, says Elaine Gaertner, director of the California Community-college system Economic and Workforce Development centers of Excellence. There has to be a purpose behind their education. The curriculum must have information related to the jobs in the market today.  If you are a graduate job seeker, you might have seen job postings that you thought you could fill and later found out that you just had no idea what the employers were looking for.

Currently there are thousands of manufacturing jobs out there. These jobs aren’t being filled because they cannot find skilled applicants. Majority of IT employers say that they are having the same problems with qualified candidates. Northeastern University in Boston does real world learning where students spend 18 months in the real world environment. Colleges and Universities need to find a better way to teach students and prepare them for real life after college.

There are many companies offering great internship opportunities. Most of them give the interns exposure to real job experience, which would help them find a job in that field once they graduate. Universities should promote internships for college credit, which would give the students more than one reason to get an internship. Getting an opportunity to get hands on experience on real jobs is priceless when they graduate and start looking for a job. The more exposure they get, the better chance they will have for finding jobs.

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