Q: Is Fledgeling right for me?

A: If you're looking for a first job or second job, part-time or full-time, then yes! And alternatively, if you're looking to hire somebody for any of the above, then double yes!

Q: What types of jobs are available on Fledgeling?

A: Just about any job can be posted on Fledgeling. From internships to retail to engineers and anything in-between, as long as it doesn't violate our Terms of Use, you're good to go.

Q: How is Fledgeling different from other job search applications?

A: Good question! We here at Fledgeling believe that the big problem with other big name job sites is:

  • The barrier for entry (cost) keeps a lot of good jobs from being posted.
  • Hiring should be a two way street. It's not fair that you're either a jobseeker sending out resumes to random inboxes hoping to be noticed, or you're an employer skimming through hundreds of applications without any idea of compatibility.
    We aim to remedy 1 by giving very affordable prices for employers and making it free for jobseekers; and fix 2 by giving both jobseekers and employers the ability to reach out and connect with each other using our advanced tools.
    We also cater to people who may have more than one job, or have to work an alternative schedule due to school or other life situations. We make it easy for these people to set a weekly availability schedule that helps them to match up with jobs that fit their individual needs.

Q: Do I need a Credit Card to start using the Fledgeling application?

A: Nope! Fledgeling is free to join and use without a credit card.

Q: I am a Jobseeker. Do I have to pay for Fledgeling's service?

A: Jobseekers do not have to pay for using Fledgeling. However, there are some added features they can subscribe to by paying a small fee. We also incentivize you helping us get the word out about our service by giving you free power-ups for sharing on social media. You scratch our back, we scratch yours.

Q: I am an Employer. Do I have to pay for Fledgeling's service?

A: Posting a job listing on Fledgeling is absolutely free and will stay that way forever. You also can view candidates that match your job listing, as well as use our search tools to narrow down the results or find candidates that we may have missed. There is a small fee for connecting with candidates, but we have aggressively priced these "credits" into affordable tiers so that any company from Mom'n'Pop to MegaCorp can connect with as many candidates as they need. We also offer a Platinum Employer program that includes enhanced features and bonuses for a very low monthly fee.

Q: What are the platforms Fledgeling is available on?

A: We are initially launching on the Web, iPhone and Android. And then, based on the user feedback and latest trends in technology, we will consider adding more platforms. Next step: Hologram Fred!

Q: Are recruiters able to use Fledgeling?

A: Yes! Recruiters are welcome and encouraged to use Fledgeling, so long as your tactics agree with our Terms of Use.

Q: Is Fledgeling available internationally?

A: Fledgeling is available only within the United States for now, with plans for expansion into other countries in the works.