How it works

Whether you are looking to hire or to get hired, using Fledgeling is quick and easy, just follow these simple steps:

Create multiple profiles

Sometimes you work more than one job, sometimes you want to change your career path, or maybe just want to try something new. With the ability to maintain separate job profiles you can show employers only the skills and experience relevant to that path. By setting a primary and secondary profile, you can keep your side jobs on the side and your dream job in focus.

Connect with employers

There are several ways to connect with employers at your computer or on the go. Using our advanced search tools you can find, or be found by, the best job. We will also match you with available jobs based on your profiles, skills, and experience. Then all you need to do is click or tap Apply to open a dialogue with the employer. Or if the employer has applied in you, you will be notified immediately, and you two can work it out.

Get your dream job

After you've found the job you're looking for, change your status to take yourself off the market with just one click. Then, when you're ready to start searching again, simply change your status to "Available to Work". Be sure to keep your profile up to date as your experience grows and your career takes flight!